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Pittsfield Communications provides sales and service of Motorola Two-Way Radios, including Base Stations, Repeater Systems, Mobile Radios, Portable Radios, and Pagers.

We carry Motorola, Radius, Nextel, Zetron, Whelen, and Federal products.

Also available are Antenna Systems and Towers, as well as Radio System design.

All products are installed and serviced by our Motorola-certified technicians. 24-hour emergency service is available.

Among our Motorola radios are the new CP125 and the CP200, CM200, CM300, HT750, HT1250, CDM750, CDM1250, and the Minitor V. Listed below

Have you seen the newest addition to the Mototrbo family?

The SL300 is designed to be the most compact feature packed radio in the lineup. You have a choice between 2 ch and 99 ch, the latter giving you its breakthrough shatter proof display! These radios will do both analog and digital, and operate in either the UHF or VHF band.
If you would like to know more or see how one operates, send us a message!

Motorola Radius® CP125

Motorola Radius® CP125

A Durable, Affordable and Effective Two-Way Communications Solution


Standard Package Includes: 
One Radius® CP125 Two-Way Radio. NiMH rechargeable battery. Three-Hour Rapid Charger . Antenna. Operating Instruction Manuals. One-Year Limited Warranty. 
Technical Data: Weight with Standard NiMH Battery 11.5 oz (327 g). Average Battery Life (5/5/90 Duty Cycle): Standard Capacity NiMH Battery - High Power (5W/4W) Up to 8 hours, Low Power (2W) Up to 11 hours. Frequency Range 136-174 MHz / 435-480 MHz. Channel Spacing 12.5 / 25 kHz switchable. RF Power Output 2W or 5W / 2W or 4W. Military Standards 810 C, D, E.

Key Features: Rapid drop-in charging. Multi-channel capable. High power. Adjustable power levels. Alphanumeric display. Front programmable buttons. VOX capabilities. Durable, lightweight design. Long-lasting battery life. 

IDEAL FOR: Educators, Retail Outlets, Property Management, Hospitality
Major Uses: The Radius CP125 provides instant communication that's powerful and dependable combined with simple operation. It keeps employees in touch, always able to respond to anything from a simple question to a request from a manager to an emergency.

CM200-VHF & UHF Models, Switchable 12.5/20/25 kHz

CM200-VHF & UHF Models, Switchable 12.5/20/25 kHz



Basic Model Includes: 

Compact Microphone with Transmit LED, Hang-Up Clip & 7 Ft. Coil Cord - (HMN3413) - Low Profile Mounting Bracket - (GLN7324) - Standard Power Cable (HKN4137_R) - User Guide / Safety Manual - Two Year Warranty


Technical Data:
.Programmable Features: Busy Channel Lockout - High/Low Power Settings - Local/Distance Mode - 2 Programmable Buttons - Single Priority Scan - Quik Call II™ Call Alert/Selective Call (Decode) - MDC1200 PTT ID (Encode) 
Notes: - Not compatible components with the GR Series Repeaters. - The following frequency is not allowed: 444.860

CDM1250 Mobile-LowBand, VHF & UHF, 20/30 kHz LB & 12.5/25 kHz VHF/UHF Switchable Chan Spacing

CDM1250 Mobile-LowBand, VHF & UHF, 20/30 kHz LB & 12.5/25 kHz VHF/UHF Switchable Chan Spacing


Basic Model Includes:

 Standard Compact Microphone (AARMN4025) - Standard Bracket (LowBand - 3 Point RLN4774 & VHF/UHF - Low Profile GLN7324) - Standard Power Cable (LowBand HKN4191 - VHF/UHF HKN4137_R) - Replaceable Button Package (Includes buttons for MON (Monitor), SCAN (Scan), CALL (Radio Call), PHONE (Phone) & HOME (Channel Revert)) - Operating Inst Manual - Two Year Warranty


Technical Data:Features: • 64 Channels • 20/30 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing (LowBand) • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing (VHF/UHF) • 14 Character Alphanumeric Display • 4 Programmable / Replaceable Buttons • Dual Priority Scan • User Programmable Scan • X-Pand™ Technology • Adjustable Power Levels • MDC-1200 PTT-ID (Push to Talk ID - Encode/Decode) • MDC-1200 Selective Radio Inhibit (Decode) • MDC-1200 Call Alert (Encode/Decode) • MDC-1200 Selective Call (Encode/Decode) • MDC-1200 Radio Check (Encode/Decode) • MDC-1200 Emergency (Encode) • MDC-1200 Data Operated Squelch (DOS) • Quik Call II (Encode/Decode) • DTMF (Encode) - Decode available with Option Board AAHHLN4182 and Install Kit RLN4823 • Option Board Expandability • Programmable Buttons

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